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Technology - - It doesn’t have to be just Sophisticated, we will show you how to make it "Simply Sophisticated"!

Are you an ICB?

tGrowth is not for every one. We have developed our business around a certain group of business owners we believe have been ignored by the general B2B (Business to Business) ...
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Getting Started

One of the more difficult tasks for an ICB is getting started on the technology commitment. Most owners are busy running the day to day aspects of their business and really do not ...
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Use Technology or Die!!

“Use Technology of Die” is our attention getter but in reality, when we help an independent business owner to embrace technology, we can change the attention getter to “Use ...
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Simply Sophisticated

One of the major problems in the ICB group and technology is that, if not properly handled, it can be complicated, costly, difficult to learn and hard to implement. Because ...
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The Simply Sophisticated Blog

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The Mobile Platform – Targeting Hyperlocal Consumers

It has never been easy to target customers where they are, when you want to reach them. That is changing. Today,...

Guest Wi-Fi, coming to your local competitors

The question is should you offer a Guest Wi-Fi connection to your customers? If you have ever gone into a Starbucks...
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