Today’s business technology is changing at such a rapid pace the Independent Consumer Business (ICB) owners, because of the nature of their business activities, have difficulty finding time to learn how new technology is going to impact their business. When they finally have the understanding of the new technology they then have to find knowledge and the time to implement these programs. Neither of those problems is an easy task to resolve.

tGrowth has listed the top ten reasons why it is important to use technology in your business and why ICB owners need to start the process today. tGrowth can help, please give us a call.


1.    Your Customers Expect It

Today consumers are finding all kinds of ways to use technology. Their cell phones, their tablets, laptops, and their desktop computers are being utilized today in ways that only a few short years ago you would have never thought would have been possible. With the rapid growth of technology and the acceptance by consumers, it is making the use of technology by the business community a mandatory function. Consumers are finding that they can use technology easily and without much training. Unfortunately, they have assumed that utilization by the business community is also a simple process and as a result, they are expecting the business community to fully embrace technology as well.

2.    Your Suppliers Expect It

Your suppliers have accepted technology as a benefit to their businesses and as a way of saving money. You see this every day in the way they are doing their business especially with the technology they are providing their delivery drivers. They expect their customer accounts will do the same thing. If you do not accept these technology changes expect to pay higher delivery costs.

3.    Makes You an Equal Competitor

Regardless of the size of your business once you have embraced and then effectively used the technology you will keep your business on an equal playing field as your most aggressive competitor. Your email program can look just as effective, if not more so, then your biggest revel.

4.    Allows You to Take Advantage of Industry Changes

All around you see technology changing very rapidly, even to the point that it seem like you are reading about something new on a weekly basis. Utilizing technology will get you set to take advantage of the future innovations coming because much of what is taking place today are upgrades to what you will be already using.

5.    Keeps Your Business in the Technology Mainstream

Once you understand the importance of technology and accept the need to make it part of your everyday business life you will then appreciate the benefits of keeping your business in the technology mainstream.

6.    Allows for Better Customer Communications

Today’s consumer is receptive to electronic communications via email, social media such as Facebook or Twitter, texting and other forms of technology relationships. By being able to communicate with your customers utilizing these forms of technology you have an opportunity to get your message out to your most important customers in an effective format, which cost substantially less than any marketing tools you may be using today.

7.    Allow for Effective Internet Marketing

Technology has opened a completely new form of marketing your business. It is how your customers are looking for your products and services information today and it is what your major competitors have fully embraced as a means of getting out their messages.

8.    Allows for Use of Social Media

Once you have embraced the use of technology, social media will create new forms of marketing you will follow want to utilize and it will become a major part of your Internet marketing program. Print media is on its way out; social media and Internet marketing are two of the many ways it is being replaced.

9.    Creates Significant Expense Reductions

While we speak of embracing technology to survive, the upside to technology is that properly utilized it is going to reduce your overhead which will increase your bottom line. Technology then becomes an investment and not an expense. Technology will provide great ROI’s.

10.    ICB owners with Old Technology Will Go by the Way Side and Die

Bottom Line, even the small mom and pop stores that have been around for years cannot survive without embracing technology. Today’s consumer expects you to utilize technology and will demand it by not patronizing your business when you do not.