tGrowth Solutions is a technology implementation company working with business owners helping them understand; what technologies are available for their company, why it is important to understand and use those obtainable technologies for continued growth and prosperity, and most importantly, tGrowth provides the necessary resources, in the form of a regional Technology Strategist, who will help coordinate and execute a strong technology implementation program (TIP Plan).  We will provide the business with the needed framework to accomplish the absolutely critical transition to full technology utilization programs in their day to day operation, multi-channel sales and Internet marketing as well as the integration of customer service with traditionally recognized services that are fully embraced in today’s mobile and social media functions customers have come to hold and expect a business to encompass.

While we hear about a lot of companies offering similar tools, most of those companies are attempting to provide their services to larger companies with much of the service being presented to business to business (b2b) companies.

The Top Ten reasons that make tGrowth different is:

1)    We work with Independent Consumer Business (ICB) owners only

ICB companies are independently owned businesses, which sell their product and/or services to the consumer buying public. They are retail businesses working generally with local customers.

2)    Smaller Business Entities

tGrowth works only with businesses that we define as small, having between 2 and 250 employees, generally one or two locations but no greater than 10, and with sales no more than $10 million. Even within that group, we have five sub-groups based on a combination of information because we believe that it is important that we focus in on the individual attributes of the business for our program to be effective.

3)    Our “Simply Sophisticated” newsletter

Our newsletter is designed for the ICB market and only that market. We tailor the articles to meet the needs of the nature and size of our client base.

4)    We call for permission before sending our newsletter

While we think most ICB owners will benefit from our newsletter we do not just send it out. Before the newsletter is sent we make a telephone call and ask the business owner for permission. Spam is not a good practice for ICB owners, and we will not be part of something we do not believe in.

5)    We specialize in technology implementations for ICB’s only

Realizing the ICB owners are a special group on to themselves needing services designed specifically for their market. We don’t work in general terms. Our plans are for the ICB specific needs.

6)    We offer part-time IT directors

Most ICB businesses do not have a need for a full time IT Director. Recognizing that, we provide, in the form of a Technology Strategist, a part-time  IT Director, who can provide consultation as well as implementation at whatever level is appropriate for the ICB we are working with. This saves resources, time and substantial expenses for the ICB but yet allows them the opportunity to take full advantage of technology for themselves and their customers.

7)    We recommend and/or provide third-party technology partners

Once a client has determined and decided they need to move forward with a technology plan the hard part starts, who is going to be able to get the job done. We have worked with technology partners for years who we know who can and will provide the right products and/or services at the most competitive prices available.

8)    We have a free Q&A program for ICB’s

So often our customers only have a need to have a few questions answer to accomplish a particular project, we are always happy to provide the answer free of charge and let the customer complete the project on their own.

9)    We have websites designed for ICB use

Our websites are designed with our client in mind. There is a host of technical information to be gained by visiting the sites and for those clients who have questions but do not wish to speak to a Technology Strategist personally, they can send in their question and get an answer back without personal contact.

10)We are a small business as well as a local business

tGrowth, while not an ICB, is a small business and understands the issues and problems related to running a small business. We are not some mega-giant who has no clue of what it takes to run and work in a small business operation. We understand and feel the ICB plain. Additionally, we will always be a local business in that your Technology Strategist is usually from your immediate area and at the most no more than 150 miles (2 hours) away. We know what it is to be small and at the same time, we understand the business and consumer problems unique to your community.

So, if you agree we are different, or you just need some additional assurances please give us a call and ask to talk to your local strategist. We know to work together that we will absolutely be able to help you make the important technology transition, which is critical to your business’s well-being, easier and effectively at a cost which is reasonable and will provide a positive return on your investment.

We look forward to hearing from you.

tGrowth Solutions
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