One of the more difficult tasks for an ICB is getting started on a technology commitment. Most owners are busy running the day to day aspects of their business and really do not have the extra time that it takes to understand, learn and implement. We understand that, and we believe that we have come up with a solution which will help you overcome that problem.Get Started Office Note

We call it our Technology Awareness Program, TAP Plan for short. The plan was designed to help those independent business owners who have not had the time to get to understand how technology is important in their business but realize that this is important to accomplish that task for the continued health of their business. The plan will introduce you to technology at your pace in a simple format but will get you started on developing the sophisticated program you will need for your customer’s benefit and your prosperity.

The TAP plan will get you started in these areas:

  1. Newsletter – the newsletter is designed for ICB accounts, and it is your introduction to technology.
  2. Q & A Business Forum – the opportunity to talk with the experts and get a lot of questions answered.
  3. Company Internet identification plan – Internet Identification for your business
  4. Online Business Directory – an initial program to get listed on Internet business directories
  5. Website Development & Review – Get your first website installed or an existing one reviewed.
  6. A social media plan – get your business recognized on social media sites.
  7. Business Technology Implementation Plan – A planned path to your business technology usage

These seven steps are designed to help get an ICB introduced to or expanded knowledge of technology in their business. To properly embrace technology it takes time and a simply sophisticated plan to accomplish what is a very important new aspect for a business. If you have a technology need, please click on the “Help” button below and your local Technology Strategist, at no cost or obligation, will contact you to explain how tGrowth specializes in helping the Independent Consumer Business owner understand, learn and implement a technology plan which will help your business prosper.