Unique Technology Projects Can Be A Game Winner

Working with Independent Consumer Business (ICB) owners over the years we have be asked on many occasions to help develop a program for a specific client or groups of clients using today’s technology. Like so many other things that have been effected by technology, some programs that are specific to a small group of accounts have a need to be improved by the use of technology.

A recent program we are working on is a lead generation plan. It is a group of businesses that work with Bridges and Grooms to help them plan their wedding. Over the years they obtained leads by working together and passing on leads via telephone calls or at breakfast meetings to exchange leads. Those type of programs have been around for years and have general worked. However, we had a client ask us if we could improve the program using technology. After some thought our group came up with what is now called The Digital Wedding Planners Group and it is using the old program together with a specially designed website and specialty email marketing. The details of the program are able to show how the old manual process and the new technology can work together and help everyone’s business growth and profitability.

So if you have as special program you would like to have developed tGrowth can do it for you. Just provide us with your general plan outline, your overall long term objective and watch us put together the old and new and come up with a technology program made “Simply Sophisticated”. Its what we do.