tGrowth Technology Programs are developed and supported by strong technology partners.

In today’s world of technology, it is almost impossible for any company to have all the technical experts with all the knowledge needed for all the retail customers they work with. Understanding this problem, tGrowth has instead developed a group of technology partners who do, in fact, bring together the knowledge an ICB account needs to take full benefit and allowing them to embrace the use of business technology by utilizing their Technology Strategist (Part-time IT Directory) as the conduit to the professional resources.

Utilizing this concept, working with our technology partners, tGrowth offers independent consultation, implementation, ongoing support, and technology evolution advice in the following technology-related  areas:

1)    Network Infrastructure

It is essential that all ICB accounts have both a strong local and wide area network infrastructure in order to have and apply a Technology Implementation Program (TIP Plan). Much of today’s new technology involves a form of Cloud usage and without a solid network, it is impossible to employ the new programs properly.

2)    Internet Marketing

Using the Internet as a marketing tool, especially for the ICB community is a quickly growing opportunity. It offers excellent returns and reconnection for a relativity low cost. Great Return on investment.

3)    POS Systems

For years, ICB’s used cash registers but today, because of the reduced cost, POS systems are quickly replacing cash registers and providing owners with a whole host of data to help manage the general business as well as providing information on what to sell and how to market it.

4)    Payment Providers Systems

This is one segment of the technology industry that is changing more rapidly than the rest of the technology industry, and it is the one area the ICB market will be able to get substantial benefits by keeping up with the changes. Your customers will love you for it.

5)    In-Store Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs have grown over recent years and have become an important part of most successful businesses. As an ICB you can embrace a loyalty program design for your business, which can offer opportunities for your customer’s way and above your major competitors.

6)    Digital Signage

Digital signage has been around for years but generally out of the price range for most ICB accounts. No longer is that the case and ICB’s can now take full advantage of the flexibility as well as the cost savings over traditional in-store signage.

7)    In-Store Security

Security has always been an important part of the retail business. Because of technology, what use to be an expensive and ineffective is now very effective at a reasonable cost equaling the playing field for all retail, including the ICBs.

8)    Inventory/General Management/Back Office Cloud and/or Control Systems

Technology, especially the “cloud,” has allowed the ICB to take advantage of all kinds of software, which previously was only available to their largest competitors. Today, ICB can use the same types of software and gain the advantages which will help equal the playing field to the ICB’s advantage.

9)    VoIP Communications

For years, ICB’s used analog telephones with their limited capabilities. Today, with the use of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), the communication abilities for the ICB businesses have become much greater providing opportunities to offer significantly better ways to communicate in a unified communication environment.

10)    Fuel Management

Fuel management is a product which has a use for only a certain group of ICB accounts. However, like so many other technology advances, if this fits your business format, you will be able to achieve substantial upside possibilities.

While it is never a requirement for a client to purchase technology products using tGrowth’s partners and/or our Technology Strategist, we wanted you to understand the technology areas we work in and have the experts to help make sure if you do need us to provide products, we can do it very effectively.