One of the major problems in the ICB group and technology is that, if not properly handled, it can be complicated, costly, difficult to learn and hard to implement. Because of that, many ICB owners have had to ignore the technology just because they do not have the time, talent or money. At tGrowth, we recognize that problem and have worked very hard at developing programs, which save money, are easier to implement but still provide the necessary sophistication to get the job done. It is what we like to refer to as “Simply Sophisticated.”??????????????????

Our program is focused around a Technology Strategist who becomes the client’s part-time IT Director. This gives our client’s the advantage of being able to handle the most sophisticated products and programs but not having to get involved in the initial learning curve or implementation process. That is the nucleus of the “Simply Sophisticated” program. With that in mind the Strategist will:

  1. Familiarize the client with our Technology Awareness Program (TAP) which will help a client become acquainted with the very basics of technology to understand what it can do to help their business.
  2. Prepare a Technology Checkup after the client has completed the TAP Plan and has determined that they are ready to move forward.
  3. Create a Technology Implementation Program (TIP) after the Checkup has been completed, and it is clear on the needs and desires the client wishes to pursue.
  4. Be the catalyst at putting into operation the initial technology program thereby allowing the owner the opportunity to continue to run their business while knowing they have a trusted individual handling the details.

Once all the hard work has been completed, and the TIP has been implemented the Strategist continues to work, as a part-time IT Director (only when needed), with the client; available for general support, answering questions, introducing the client to new technology and being there to handle any of the technical problems, which may occur from time to time. The Strategist will help to keep the technology programs “Simply Sophisticated.” Check the “Help” button below and your local strategist will contact to talk about our programs in more detail. There is no cost or obligation to learn how we can be of help. Look forward to hearing from you.