“Use Technology of Die” is our attention getter but in reality, when we help an independent business owner to embrace technology,  we can change the attention getter to “Use Technology and Prosper.”robot with first aid kit

However, the bottom line is that for the Independent Consumer Business (ICB), technology is not a luxury, but instead, it is a very important necessity. The major competitive advantage that the ICB has had over the years was that they provided much better customer service than their largest competitors, and your customers kept coming back because they appreciated that.

Today they still do, however, because of all the changes with technology that are taking place it is very difficult for your customer to ignore your major competitors for just a better customer service offer. So much of what they want cannot be found at the ICB. But, if the ICB embraces the use of technology which, when properly planned, can be identical to and in most cases even better, the customer will stay or come back for the customer service benefits when all else is equal.

We have a white paper that talks about the “Top Ten Reasons to Use Technology or Die”:

  1. Your customers expect you to use technology.
  2. Your suppliers expect you to embrace technology.
  3. Technology makes you an equal competitor with the biggest of your competitors.
  4. Technology allows you to take full advantage of industry changes.
  5. Keeps your business in the technology mainstream.
  6. It allows for much better customer communications.
  7. It allows for effective Internet marketing.
  8. It allows for the use of social media marketing.
  9. It creates a significant business expense reduction.
  10. Stores with old technology will go by the wayside and disappear.


If you would like a copy of the white paper to learn in more detail just how we came up with these ten reasons check the “Help” button below and your local Technology Strategist will contact you and provide a copy, at no cost or obligation. It is a great way to get started understanding, learning and implementing your technology plan. We look forward to hearing from you.